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The view from Hannah’s window

During a recent bout of illness whilst laid in bed feeling a bit sorry for myself, I opened a copy of Red magazine and found a recommendation for Vincent Dance Theatre’s, Motherland. I was a bit taken aback to see … Continue reading

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The Bechdel Test and Gender Representation

Vincent Dance Theatre is committed to promoting equality between the sexes and Motherland proudly demonstrates an evenly split cast of male and female performers and exploration of gender. But how do other current media representations of women match up? With … Continue reading

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Suzanne Moore at her brilliant best

From Suzanne Moore in The Guardian, Wednesday 24 October 2012 The Savile scandal is about children, not overpaid TV executives While we continue to play the blame game with the BBC top brass, the people who really matter are being … Continue reading

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I’m glad I’m not a teenage girl

In The Independent today Laura Bates writes, in an article entitled: ‘Ugly girl': The negative messages we send to our daughters We tell young women that they can achieve anything they want, but the extra pressures are everywhere to be … Continue reading

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The pressures of growing up and fitting in

Charlotte Vincent posted some comments from young 15-16 year old women talking on Monday night in a workshop about how young men talk to or about them at school – “as long as you keep quiet, wear nice clothes and … Continue reading

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Time to put the “female” back in feminism

Looking at semantics and think that “feminism” was really the wrong word in the first place. The supposed “feminist” movement seems to have been a process of women denying the female aspects of self and taking on masculine ways of … Continue reading

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Pens for women. Marketing fail!

This has made me laugh really hard. It’s mainly because of the fabulous reviews that people have posted about it. But you have to wonder, what possessed BIC’s marketing execs to come up with this stupid idea??? Link: BIC For … Continue reading

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When is it rape?

Some days you wake up and find that the world seems to have tipped. All of a sudden you are confronted with the news that the “rules” have changed. And what previously you had understood, is now different. Much in … Continue reading

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