Grace – Vincent Dance Theatre workshop for over 50’s review

7th November 2012

Last week, a group of over 50’s visited DanceXchange to work with Vincent Dance Theatre to create a curtain raiser performance.

Despite some initial apprehensions, the group, whose ages ranged from early 50’s to over 80, with varying experience in dance, spent the free three day workshop creating a ten minute piece, which they performed in The Patrick Centre ahead of Vincent Dance Theatre’s Motherland. The performance was the perfect opening for the show,  which featured a cast of all ages, and was very warmly received by the audience.

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The Argus in Brighton interview

An interesting interview with Charlotte Vincent, by Duncan Hall of The Argus, reflecting on the pressures and over-sexualization of young women and girls.

When Charlotte Vincent speaks to The Guide she is still reeling from a workshop she held in Eastleigh in Hampshire the night before.

The chief executive and choreographer for Vincent Dance Theatre, which is bringing its new show Motherland to the Corn Exchange on Tuesday, was hosting a forum with a small group of young women in their mid-teens and was dismayed by some of the stories she heard.

“The sexual pressure they are under as females – there was nothing like it when I was young,” she says. “The over- sexualised image of womanhood is translating into their friends and peer groups who are taking risqué pictures and posting them on Facebook, or taking part in sexual activity they don’t want to do. It’s close to abuse.

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Interview with Charlotte Vincent

Paul Lucas-Scott interviews Charlotte Vincent about Motherland for Read the interview here>

Audience vox pops from opening night!

Watch the audience give their opinion of the show after the premiere in Newbury on Friday 5 October in our new vox pops. Watch here>

New video trailer for Motherland!

You can now watch our new video trailer for a taste of what you’ll see in Motherland!

Behind the scenes

We have just uploaded a video of Charlotte Vincent and the company at work in rehearsals for Motherland. Taken at The Point in Eastleigh, where the company has been creating the new production, it’s a fascinating insight into the way Charlotte works, and shows some of the cast working on sections of the show.

Chaperone wanted

Vincent Dance Theatre is looking for a responsible, reliable chaperone to accompany / support our 79 year old performer on tour, and (pending CRB checks and appropriate childcare experience) to also provide childcare for an 18 month old child whilst both parents perform throughout our tour. This is freelance work, paid by the day/site visit to each theatre on tour and will require some overnight stays. Ideally the freelancer will be based in the SE of England.

Please contact if you think you have the skills to carry out both roles and would like to spend some time with a great bunch of creative people.

We work very hard but we are really very nice.

Interview with Charlotte Vincent

Charlotte Vincent was recently interviewed by Corn Exchange Newbury about MOTHERLAND.

Can you briefly tell us a little bit about what the show is about?

Motherland visually and choreographically articulates the contradictions of being a woman, the strength and the vulnerability, the archetypes and the uniqueness, the competitions and the yielding involved in being female. ML tries to articulate where men and women find themselves today, in transition, confused, unable to articulate an equal future because the female body is equally a site of carnage, objectification and pleasure.

What was the inspiration for the piece?

Our experiences as women, as children, as men and as real and potential mothers

Is there an underlying message in the show?

That we are in the dirt trying to stay upright and grow and develop but we keep falling or tripping over

Can you explain the title of the show?

It’s a questioning of nationalist notions of community made by a multi cultural, international cast working together to create something; it’s a play on the notion of Fatherland and how patriarchy is often a driving force that oppresses the  ‘weak’ (women, diverse communities, children), it’s a vision of the future where mothers and women might have more political power and a greater say in how a country or a community is run, it’s a provocation – would the world be in such an economic mess if more ‘female’ notions such as community, empathy and sustainability replaced capitalism and nationalistic self-interest ? It’s an investigation of how women operate as mothers and as child free people in the world. Why are men still in charge? What would a Motherland look like?

In one sentence, why should people come and see this production?

It is a dark, beautiful, startling, highly visual provocation by a multi-skilled ensemble of performers.

Greenham Common Peace Camp workshop

New Greenham Arts Workshop

Sunday 14 October 10.30am – 5.30pm

Did you visit or stay at the Greenham Common Women’s Peace camp? If so you are invited to take part in a creative workshop at New Greenham Arts in Newbury, facilitated by VDT’s director/choreographer Charlotte Vincent and participatory artist Ruth Ben-Tovim from Encounters.

The workshop will explore and share memories and experiences from time spent at Greenham Common, revisit the politics of the time and translate these personal stories into performative acts to share in the afternoon.

A younger generation of local women will join the group to engage with original Peace camp women to discuss how the history of the Greenham peace camp has touched their lives. After this unique gathering, the local women will have a follow up session on the themes of protest and hope and will explore what they would be willing to make a stand for now.

The workshop is free but advance booking is necessary. Everyone attending the workshop will also be offered free tickets to see Vincent Dance Theatre’s new show Motherland on Friday 5 October at the Corn Exchange Newbury.

Contact for more info and to reserve your place for the workshop and the show.

The final devising begins

The company has arrived at The Point in Eastleigh to finish devising Motherland. Follow the happenings from the Creation Space on the blog