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  1. @VDTMotherland @VincentDT @EdenCourt Hugely absorbing, beautiful, intimate and thought provoking performance at Eden Court last night. Wow!

  2. Tonight we saw the striking @VDTMotherland @WOWtweetUK packed full of memorable reflections on womanhood & provides much to think about!

  3. so @VDTMotherland says anything you could ever want to say about being a woman, as well as a man, about being human. my heart has exploded.

  4. @ContactMcr @VDTMotherland A beautiful aesthetic with wonderful engaging performers. Funny, clever & heartbreaking exploration of gender!

  5. the splendid @VDTMotherland by @VincentDT is a beautiful, funny, fragile epic. Urge everyone, everywhere to see this proud and noisy woman

  6. @VincentDT Great work. Especially loved sections Mother Tree & Mother 1962. Twitter – go and see #Motherland if tours near you! @ContactMcr

  7. The show was brilliant. We were taken to see the show as a school trip, as part of our A Level Performing Arts course. Before the show we took part in a dance workshop with some of the cast members, this was also amazing. The show was incredible, very cleverly done and thought provoking. A pleasure to come and see!!

  8. It was brilliant – very eloquent, engaging, sometimes funny. I particularly appreciated the way a pain our bodies suffer and a pain we embrace for whatever reason are portrayed. This was the first time that I saw a production by Vincent Dance Theatre but I’d love to see more of the performance by this company

  9. painful, moving- tugged at the deepest emotions and thoughts. I was especially gripped the young girl in the work and her naviagtion through life. As was i gripped by the musicians who had a father/God like quality. the most stunning music ive ever heard in a show and the final dance with the earth in her skirt was breathtaking.

  10. The show was one of the best I have seen in a while, the show is relatively easy to understand for the common public and the ideas of masculinity and femininity are very well expressed. Performers were all excellent and I love the touch of humour in the show. After seeing the show, it made me reflect more about the role of women in life and realise things that I hadn’t before. I suppose the show help men to appreciate the role of women more in life, it reminds us (men) of things, pains of women that we should already know but often forget. I love the slow motion scene the most, everything seemed really real, like from the movie, which was simply impressive. However, I do think that the show might have gone on for a bit too long at the end, but otherwise, I have thoroughly enjoyed the show!

  11. I thought that it was challenging, funny and inspirational. My daughter and I came away from the show tired but elated by the performance. The next day we both kept thinking about the show, being caught by memories of the different dances and what they meant. The way that different aspects of women’s lives had been interpreted was excellent. We do not claim to understand it all but it gave us a lot to think about and would definitely go and see other performance not just of the Vincent Dance Theatre but other professional dance companies. Thank you. We also thoroughly enjoyed Grace’s presentation of Stairway to the Stars. It was witty, clever and a lot of fun to watch.

  12. I was in the audience and PST yesterday evening at WAC. Thank you for you all to bring such wonderfully, beautifully, representations. I really love the idea that you play with literal meaning of ‘motherearth’ and ‘womanhood’. It’s about the place where we grow, it’s also about the very beginning of place (womb) of each of us is from. Love your creative ideas to use wine bottles, and pouring ‘wine’. Bananas are great! reminds me about Freud and man’s phallic worship/insecurity 😀 really love it! hope I’ll have another chance to see your future work!

  13. Somewhere between a review and a ‘rahhh’….

    If I had a blackboard and chalk when I got back to my car last night after experiencing Motherland at WMC, I would write these words:


    and the biggest one (not because it has the most letters!)


    By the time I got home, I was ready to RISE UP, and make changes. I love the ways you connected Mother to Land, the journey away from joyous fertility to fractured distopia, to …. where next?

    And all the time we are being to called to ‘Witness’ this. It needs to be two hours long: it takes at least 90 mins before we are really ready to see and listen and feel.

    We are part of this journey, we play a part, active or passive, and pass this on to our children, we are creating the world for our children- what is their legacy…. this punched me in the guts last night. The child sees what we are doing and is asking us ‘why’ and we answer in songs that gloss over the issues.
    We are terrified to even think about that question.
    Because we would have to change the world/the way we see it.
    Because we know at most levels of our beings (apart from the crowning ego that still sits in the driving seat) that there is another way of living that sustains us, that doesn’t destroy us.

    So many moments that were moving and disturbing, but to choose one: the relationship between man and young girl….the tenderness, the give and take, the ‘dance’ that is danced with patience and love to find a connection, that is always changing, and an honouring of that- Yes!

    Thank you all

  14. Can I just say, you were brilliant in Brighton tonight. Thank you

  15. was more than impressed by the piece, and also delighted to see there’s a Romanian playing in the piece….I really want to say thanks for such a beautiful show and hope to see more soon.

  16. I’m a first year theatre student from Singapore and I watched your performance on Thurs at the Nuffield Theatre. I just really wanted to thank you for that show because it has inspired me in more ways that I can imagine. Literally, I walked out of that place shaking and tearing, not able to fully comprehend what I had just witnessed. On a more technical note, I really appreciated the way you hooked us with familiar images and blew our minds again the next minute. I’ve often been told that my works do not have enough ‘colors’ – thank you so much for showing me a different way of re-organising and presenting so many different colors that night.

    More importantly, thank you so much for inspiring me. I am not a technically trained dancer but the crazy talent I watched on stage just goes to show that everything is possible with a lot of hard work and passion to motivate it. I am so glad that I am able to return to Singapore having watched something like that. I am a huge fan of Pina Bausch and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed Vincent Dance Theatre.

    Thank you and have a wonderful tour! (:

  17. I saw this last week in Lancaster and can still hardly think about anything else since! Go and see this show! It is great!!

  18. Don’t let the fact that its over 2 hours without and interval put you off, Motherland by Charlotte Vincent is absolutely wonderful, spellbinding, engaging, thoughtful, cinematic, a truly masterful piece of dance theatre, fantastic versatile cast of performers, and a sell out !

  19. I saw Motherland this week and it blew my mind. I’ve never felt more moved by a piece of theatre or dance. The whole piece was a beautiful weave of images, stories and people which swept the audience on an incredible journey. Thank you Charlotte Vincent and cast for giving us such an amazing experience.

  20. Unreal performance of Motherland by @VincentDT tonight. A truely beautiful piece. #inspired

  21. Motherland by @VincentDT -absolutely stunning piece of theatre #mustsee

  22. Motherland by @VincentDT was absolutely beautiful. Loved every moment :) #inspired

  23. Motherland was thought provoking and inspiring. I found it crude yet polished, striking, moving, melancholic, volatile, and funny. I kept thinking about the piece for days after the show.

  24. It was resonant and engaging, witty and painful.
    I loved all the earth and grass and tree stuff as you can imagine. Such great performers. Don’t often get to see that 100% commitment. Motherland made me remember how amazing my mum is, how much of a struggle and a celebration life can be. How sometimes things are a struggle and celebration at the same time.

  25. Well done to you and your fantastic company for tonight. You’ve made a strong piece, I like its uncompromising position and found it profoundly moving.

  26. Wow. What a talented team of performers you have… I have never sat so still, completely transfixed by the performance (you should see me at the opera: fidgeting like a five year old). One day you will need to explain the detail to me, I can’t begin to understand how you build a thing like that.

  27. It wasn’t what I was expecting. It was thought provoking and there were things I could really relate to.

  28. I’m still thinking about the piece (i saw it on thursday and thought it was brilliant)…in a woman appreciating another woman’s experiences/voice way. I had thoughts/questions… thanks for provoking them. Its rare that a theatre experience stays with me for much longer than the night itself, so I thought it was definitely worth sending a msg to show my appreciation.
    there are a lot more twentysomething females for which this should be compulsory viewing.

  29. Best thing I’ve seen for a very long time. Deeply powerful and resonant images that have stayed with me. Wonderful performances and music. Go and see it!

  30. #motherland, visually striking, some really lovely music and multi-skilled performers. Lots to think about too.

  31. Motherland was stunning. Moving, visceral, funny and thought provoking. Will be thinking about it for weeks not days.

  32. The show at LBT last night was excellent. Very thought provoking and moving. Thanks very much. Looking forward to next visit.

  33. Two days on and I still can’t get over it! #Motherland from @VincentDT really did grab me by my ovaries!

  34. #Motherland … Can’t find the right words to do it justice @chazzavincent @VincentDT bloody, amazing work. Incredible performers… Is there anything that young girl can’t do? #imgreenwithenvy

  35. Came out of #MOTHERLAND by @VincentDT with a wrenched gut, haunted heart & ticking mind. A wonderful piece of endurance dance-theatre.

  36. #Motherland – what a captivating and striking peice by @VincentDT at @ThePlaceLondon #inspiring

  37. Powerful, brutal, memorising, inspiring @VincentDT @ThePlaceLondon this evening. Beautiful.

  38. Huge big up to @VincentDT @chazzavincent for Motherland: witty, sad, beautiful, bolshy, gripping. good news for all ye Yorkshire folks… you can see #Motherland @lawrencebatleytheatre on Tues 13 Nov Seriously, don’t miss! #inspired

  39. #VincentDanceTheatre’s Motherland is sad, moving, profound & daft in roughly equal measure. Lovely, haunting music. Recommend.

  40. @VincentDT @theplacelondon was beautiful, brutal and gripping. Go see!

  41. @VincentDT Motherland, great show this evening!

  42. A talented, versatile cast & haunting (mostly) live music bring @VincentDT’s Motherland to life. Two more nights:

  43. I watched last night and LOVED it. Such an incredible show – moving, funny and so clever. I loved how it explored familiar themes but without ever straying into cliché. And I love the use of live music as always.

  44. Stunningly beautiful, profoundly unsettling and absolutely vital, Motherland by @vincentdt is on again tonight @dancexchange. A must see.

  45. @VincentDT @dancexchange still struggling to find a word to describe it that would do it justice, honestly I’m still absorbing…

  46. Absolutely loved ‘Motherland’ by @VincentDT @chazzavincent @dancexhange

    Experienced a range of emotions over the two hours – such a rich piece performed exceptionally by the multi-talented cast. This show must be experienced!

  47. Last night in Birmingham it was amazing! Thanks for a beautiful and astonishing show!

  48. I watched last night and LOVED it. Such an incredible show – moving, funny and so clever. I loved how it explored familiar themes but without ever straying into cliché. And I love the use of live music.

  49. Absolutely loved Motherland by @VincentDT at @dancexchange I laughed and cried, truly brilliant. Go see it if you get the chance!

  50. ‘Motherland’ @chazzavincent @dancexchange – some of the most strongest and crazily beautiful performative moments ever witnessed. I’m in awe.

  51. Am still thinking (and dreaming) about #motherland. What a privilege to experience such a rich, complex and brave work. Thank you!

  52. Thankyou. A beautiful, funny, moving journey.

  53. That’s some show you have there Ms Vincent- beautiful, strong and moving .

  54. The show made me cry and laugh in many places. At time I found myself bored….but all in all, I wonder if that was not such a bag thing afterall. I would have liked to have seen more “dancing”. I was very happy to hear that precious amount of live music. I felt at the end of the show that everybody had put a lot of themselves in the show. I was hypnotised by the song that the polish performer sang whilst dancing along the back wall…was is a song she composed herself? What was it called? Is it possible to hear a recording of it somewhere? If not, who was the song by? Thank you for all your work.

  55. Still reflecting on a wonderful performance of #Motherland by @chazzavincent @VincentDT at @brightdome last night. Powerful stuff…

  56. Motherland is incredible!So many images/thoughts/feelings that are still whirring around my head…

  57. Complex, big ideas, multilayered, challenging, funny. This is how art should be. #motherland

  58. I saw Motherland at The Point in Eastleigh last week. I thought it was wonderful – couldn’t believe that 2 hours passed by so quickly. Spell-binding perfromances by your acting team. My thanks to you all.

  59. Nicole Scherzinger meets Alfred Jarry and Federico Garcia Lorca at the John Innes Institute.

  60. At 47 years old, it takes a lot to stir me. Consider me stirred.

  61. thank you for a wonderful performance last night, images are keep popping into my head…. I really enjoyed its honesty and starkness, but I felt that you looked after the audience by keeping a sensitive balance and never plummeting too far into the dark places.

  62. Wow!

    What an incredibly beautiful piece of art.

    I laughed. I cried. I felt joy. I felt sadness. I felt loneliness. I felt hope. A rock’n’rollecoaster ride of emotion.

    Lucia Blash

  63. @chazzavincent @VincentDT @PointEastleigh Congratulations on a fantastic piece of work: powerful ideas & gripping performances. Thank you!

  64. @Molly_Pat

    @chazzavincent @VincentDT Have just seen the production of #motherland touring at the moment. Absolutely captivating, beautiful performance.

  65. ‏@sarahRAHmurphy

    @chazzavincent there are no words to describe what I felt during #Motherland tonight. Incredibly awe-inspiring work! X

  66. @SarahBrigham

    Enjoyed tonight’s show @vdtdance @chazzavincent – thank you. Bloody, tough, moving – great imagery! catch it if u can

  67. ‏@wildtonbre

    @chazzavincent absolutely LOVED tonight’s performance @vincentdt of motherland !! Fantastic!

  68. ‏@MilkPresents

    Stark, bloody, strong, beautiful @chazzavincent Motherland @PointEastleigh fuck yeah.

  69. ‘I need to look easy – but not too easy. I need to earn my own living – but not earn more than him…’

    Thus reads the text of one of Charlotte Vincent’s collaborations with similarly feminist colleague Liz Aggiss in Vincent’s latest work, ‘Motherland’. Standard feminist talking points, you might say. But ‘Motherland’, played out in its refreshingly rapid 120 minutes, is so much more than that. It delves specifically into the nightmares of motherhood – or rather, the missing out of motherhood – with a close eye on fertility; the grit and gore and every taboo of pregnancy.

    The performers range from adolescent to elderly, both male and female, and take us on a harrowing tour of the nasty bits of becoming a woman. 78-year-old Benita Oakley narrates rather objectively the stories of her three birth experiences to a live soundscape of squeaking violin bows on electric guitars and wailing baby imitations. 12-year-old Leah Yeger (who, by the way, is totally captivating as the most vulnerable character, ever-present to witness prematurely some very mature horrors indeed) plays with her hair, seducing us in the same vein as Pina Bausch’s performers in Kontakthof (1985). Her observations of Patrycja Kujawska’s ballsy seduction and overdressing are difficult to watch – precisely, I imagine, as Vincent intended.

    Arguably most uncomfortable of all is a scene in which the exceptionally gifted Aurora Lubos sits screaming agonisingly as Janusz Orlik stuffs bloodstained cotton wool under her dress to the sound of crashing cymbals (the performance consistently features inventive live music). But for every few dark, dark statements, there comes some light relief, be it in the nonchalant faces of Scott Smith and Alexandru Catona on their guitar and cello respectively; or in the form of some humorous gender bending – Orlik thrusting his pelvis around whilst singing Nicole Scherzinger’s ‘Right There’ gets the biggest laughs.

    I am endlessly surprised (charmed, maybe? No, it is too bleak for that) by the creative experimentation with music, text and interactive design. Several times we see Lubos splash red wine onto the back wall, before pressing against it with a lifted skirt; it then becomes the blood dragged across Oakley’s fingertips, to then be smeared onto her lips. Smith and Catona quickly transform from welcoming pub landlords (‘any ladies in the house?’) to slimy misogynists (‘any sluts?’): such intelligent, subtle attention to semantics with such a potent message.

    So choreographed movement is few and far between – it matters not. The smart interdisciplinary nature of the work makes up for that. And when it does show up, it is simple, clear, effective. Robert Clark’s paternal duet with young Yeger is poignant – not overly sugary.

    Following a symposium with Vincent two days prior to the performance, I had clear expectations of what I would see: hard-hitting, feminist work. But her excellent casting, careful balance of pain and relief, and positive closing message of fertility (Lubos twirls in the arms of Clark spilling soil from her dress) leave me surprisingly optimistic – and totally satisfied.


  70. This is more of a Preview than a Review. I was really lucky to be allowed into the studio last week to see the work in progress on Motherland. It’s beautiful, moving, funny and very dark. There are some striking images that have really stayed with me and I honestly can’t wait to see it again.

    The performance is a mixture of dance, physical theatre and live art. Several of the performers play a variety of instruments live, including piano, cello, violin, clarinet, electric guitar and bass. They are all incredibly talented.

    It’s very much a show about the conflicting ideals and contradictory expectations society places on women. In the show the men, women and children explore gender stereotypes and question those ideals and expectations. It made me laugh out loud, smile with recognition, squirm with embarrassment and blush with discomfort. I’m happy to say it’s a show that’s going to play with your emotions and push to make you feel.