The Argus in Brighton interview

An interesting interview with Charlotte Vincent, by Duncan Hall of The Argus, reflecting on the pressures and over-sexualization of young women and girls.

When Charlotte Vincent speaks to The Guide she is still reeling from a workshop she held in Eastleigh in Hampshire the night before.

The chief executive and choreographer for Vincent Dance Theatre, which is bringing its new show Motherland to the Corn Exchange on Tuesday, was hosting a forum with a small group of young women in their mid-teens and was dismayed by some of the stories she heard.

“The sexual pressure they are under as females – there was nothing like it when I was young,” she says. “The over- sexualised image of womanhood is translating into their friends and peer groups who are taking risqué pictures and posting them on Facebook, or taking part in sexual activity they don’t want to do. It’s close to abuse.

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