Interview with Charlotte Vincent

Charlotte Vincent was recently interviewed by Corn Exchange Newbury about MOTHERLAND.

Can you briefly tell us a little bit about what the show is about?

Motherland visually and choreographically articulates the contradictions of being a woman, the strength and the vulnerability, the archetypes and the uniqueness, the competitions and the yielding involved in being female. ML tries to articulate where men and women find themselves today, in transition, confused, unable to articulate an equal future because the female body is equally a site of carnage, objectification and pleasure.

What was the inspiration for the piece?

Our experiences as women, as children, as men and as real and potential mothers

Is there an underlying message in the show?

That we are in the dirt trying to stay upright and grow and develop but we keep falling or tripping over

Can you explain the title of the show?

It’s a questioning of nationalist notions of community made by a multi cultural, international cast working together to create something; it’s a play on the notion of Fatherland and how patriarchy is often a driving force that oppresses the  ‘weak’ (women, diverse communities, children), it’s a vision of the future where mothers and women might have more political power and a greater say in how a country or a community is run, it’s a provocation – would the world be in such an economic mess if more ‘female’ notions such as community, empathy and sustainability replaced capitalism and nationalistic self-interest ? It’s an investigation of how women operate as mothers and as child free people in the world. Why are men still in charge? What would a Motherland look like?

In one sentence, why should people come and see this production?

It is a dark, beautiful, startling, highly visual provocation by a multi-skilled ensemble of performers.

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